Ryan and the lion

A lioness wrigggled rather provocatively to have a drink.

A gorilla getting excited gave her a seductive wink.

The gorilla decided to have his wicked way,

The lioness was dumfounded didn't know what to say.


The gorilla ran off back to the zoo at Chester,

The lioness shocked took off after her molester.

The gorilla knew he was in trouble looked for a disguise,

Found a big hat with "Ryan"written on it and pulled it over his eyes.


He sat on a chair and hid behind a newspaper,

While the lioness passed by looking for her raper.

"You didn't see a gorilla come by did you Ryan?"

"You  mean a big hairy one who's just raped a lion."


"Oh my goodness, "said the lioness trying to keep steady.

"Can't believe its in the newspapers already !"


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