"Home Lez "{my nick name}

My name is Lez and I became homeless,

I got into debt and my life became a mess.

I lost all my dignity and became ashamed of my state,

I started sleeping rough in the city ,a life I did hate.


I was particularly vulnerable ended up on the street,

Was criminalised and demonised no future to greet.

I felt invisible and ignored,badly damaged,

Herded to a cliff edge sadly ravaged.


I didn't fall off I clung to the top.

My life was a flawed floor which I started to mop.

I slept many a time outside a closed store,

Fortunately for me they were getting more and more.


I carried my bed and provisions around on my back,

And begged with a costa cup next to my pack.

I sometimes felt invisible this dragged me down.

People passed without eye contact ,looked down with a frown.


Often the most generous were those who had the least,

They'd buy me a brew and a sandwich to feast.

The change I got I would buy canned food,

I was looked down upon by posh suits,incredibly rude!


Winter was terrible I got quite sick,

A warm place to sleep  was difficult to pick.

Fortunately hostels opened their doors and helped me survive,

Thanks to them  I am still "Home Lez " and still alive.







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Wed 24th Oct 2018 21:52

To follow,Homeless in the woods.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 23rd Oct 2018 11:07

Hi Hugh, I think you tackled this issue with great sensitivity and empathy. Giving us a tiny glimpse into Home Lez's life on the streets. Thank you..?

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