Sometimes, I'd like to give my MIND

A good slap right up side the head.

I really would.

It thinks it exists in capital letters -

The boss of everything!

Well – it isn't.

There are many systems inside me

Governed by inherent programming

Not commanded by MIND.

Well, I'll allow 'Attitude', of course

A major factor in everything -

But not superior status.


Of course, MIND is wonderful

But so is the physical me.

All those vital functions pre-coded

Down the centuries

To conceive, birth, grow and maintain

My 'body', my personal evolution.


I don't totally begrudge MIND'S touted superiority.

'Mind over Matter' etc. etc. and etc.

Can be amazing in practice:

A huge arena of exploration.

But, still, sometimes, MIND just needs to back off

And let the Physical do its own thing.


Physicality is really the boss of the body.

Death is inherent in conception!

MIND can observe, and extemporize

Exploring grand ideas with great delight.

But MIND too must succumb

To physical death - Pfffft!


And into this simplicity sneaks SOUL.

I wonder if that is still just MIND

Wooing human imagination to buffer Fear

Calling it Creation -

Beloved stories, but just stories.

I think SOUL revels in the Mystery of Joy, too

A star-studded Idea so coveted by us all

Which, in its promise of fulfilment,

Can become a weapon of MIND control

In good conscience, or not.

Which is a whole different discussion, of course.

But a valid thought.


Yes - maybe - sometimes -

MIND just needs a good smack!

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Martin Elder

Wed 31st Oct 2018 17:19

Beautifully put Cynthia as ever with something to make the reader think. And a belated happy birthday to you. Hope I bump into you again soon


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Hannah Collins

Thu 18th Oct 2018 21:12

This is exceptional.
Brilliant piece.
Set me thinking, using my mind.
Belated happy birthday wishes.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 17th Oct 2018 12:07

Just brilliant, Don. Oh, I laughed! Made my day. And today is my birthday! A great gift indeed.

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Don Matthews

Tue 16th Oct 2018 08:06

Cynthia, the way you say things
Enjoys me with surprise
You'll never irritate me
As lines go past my eyes

I could do nothing more
But smile when you did put
'But MIND too must succumb
To physical death - Pfffft!'

Now that to me shows cleverness
Which I appreciate
Serious and Comic
Both enjoying a debate

You do not have to ask
My permission to express
Your own ideas, just do them
I will enjoy them, yes ?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 15th Oct 2018 17:50

Well ..... OK. It is what it is.

I can only presume that sometimes I may irritate many people, but never on purpose. I missed the programme last week about 'Mind Over Matter'. But I've still decided to post this. I'm allowed to have my own ideas, am I not?

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