I want to feel important,

i'd like to meet the Queen,

even a minor Royal would do

as long as i'd be seen. 


The spin - offs could be useful

online and in the pub,

i'd like to get a selfie

with Queenie in the scene. 


I was born quite humble

and havn't changed my name

unlike Sir Elton and other knights

I have no claim to fame.


But i'd like to feel important,

I want to meet the Queen,

even a minor Royal would do

as long as i'd be seen.


I'm not immune to charities

I try to do my bit,

some coins in the collection box

is basically it. 


Not quite enough to raise the bar

in terms of getting spotted

by the inner circle that pave the way,

where credits are allotted. 


But still i'd like to meet the Queen

a minor Royal would do,

I'd still need friends - don't we all,

well I would, wouldn't you?






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Thu 18th Oct 2018 14:59

Thanks Graham - i'd like to be a royal lollipop man. Cut backs have increased their rarity as you say. Another public servant that can no longer serve - but I can dream (in another character). I imagine the Russians have plenty of protection here!

I accept the flower Anya ! Sometimes we tread on eggshells in comments, while others are like official stamps or rejections. Worry not. It's all a learning curve.

Thanks Hannah. An interesting aside, your story. I have worked in Buckingham Palace as a pianist and seen the whole royal assemblage close up. It is a closed world from which they look out, while we look in . It can't be any different, except that now the younger royals are really stretching themselves to relate. It can't be easy for them. I think they are aware of the gulf . We all our crosses to bear.

Thanks for the like, Taylor!


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Hannah Collins

Wed 17th Oct 2018 17:10

I love the way you read this poem.
I have to say I've seen the Queen in real life (whatever that is ). When I was a young child we lived in West London for a while and the Queen would sometimes go by in a large black limo as we were coming home from school. She had a small army of macho motor cyclists riding in front and behind the limo. She didn't smile or have a crown on but she was the Queen. She was returning from those garden parties.
I hope you get to meet her one day Ray and I hope she smiles. I think she would like your poem.


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Graham Sherwood

Tue 16th Oct 2018 12:59

Oh! And another thing....remember what happened to Russian Royalty.

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 16th Oct 2018 12:58

I think you’d have more luck as a lollipop man Ray! They seem to get noticed, they’re like hen’s teeth these days.

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Tue 16th Oct 2018 11:33

HI Anya,
Thanks for your frankness. No sign of stupidity! I see what you are saying, as from the variety of comments and thoughts it's plain that people's views vary enormously. Judging from yours today, you've got it right by probing in to the poem. I think there is a sort of club which attracts like minds , the inner set if you like, which you are either in or out of. Friends can come from any sphere, but we must question how deep a friendship can be. The whiff of money and power has a lot of influence to persuade people. It can also cause envy of course. I notice that Russians with their new money are seeking to penetrate in to the British elite and adopt their methods. All a bit sad really. I hope I havn't confused you!

Thank you, appreciated.

Emer, thank you for the like. Havn't seen you around much lately. Hope all is well!

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