The moment I met her she robbed me of sense

I thought that I loved her but she was a flirt

Who talked a good game that was all a pretence

Served up the hors d’oeuvres but avoided dessert


So curvy and carefree, she brightened each day

Her joy evanescent like scent on the breeze

But all my illusions were soon washed away

As her words like a knife cut me off at the knees


The pledges of lovers are fleeting and brief

Like waves on the sand or like smoke on the wind

Aphrodite’s a fraud and Cupid’s a thief

And ephemeral promises quick to rescind

◄ Keeping Up Appearances

Close Your Eyes ►


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jennifer Malden

Mon 8th Oct 2018 17:21

So you never reached the port, (in more ways than one)?
Agree with Taylor about the rythm. Glad to hear you didn't suffer any permanent physical damage from the freezer!


Big Sal

Mon 8th Oct 2018 13:30

Great flow and word choice you have here. Well done.?

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Trevor Alexander

Mon 8th Oct 2018 11:46

Thanks all. ?

But Rose, the loose women are more fun than the LOOSE WOMEN, and I avoid 'reality' shows like the plague!

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Rose Casserley

Mon 8th Oct 2018 08:45

and here's me Trev, thinking margarine wouldn't melt in your pie hole! ?

what have I told you about staying away from loose women and instead just stay in adoring reality shows

such as LOOSE WOMEN! DOHHHH!!! ?

Rose ?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 8th Oct 2018 06:38

Hi Trevor, you managed to fill this poem with rhythm, rhyme and emotion. Evanescent Love it..?

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