Life before death? 1 and 2


Is there life before death

Or just eating and fucking?

Putting effort and time

Into staying good-looking?

Chasing power and glory

And money and gold

To hold on to youth

And never get old.


Is there life before death, tell me where I should look

In nature  or poetry or a holy book?

Find my own song, become one with the beat

With strength and commitment stay light on my feet

Believing in love, keep my partner in hold

Trust in the process the dance will unfold

Holding my frame, maintain a strong core

And use every inch of the ballroom floor

Move only when moved by the stillness within

Allowing the joy to come bubbling in.

Is there life before death? Perhaps, yes, on occasion

But dancing with shadows has been my persuasion.

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Hazel ettridge

Thu 29th Nov 2018 18:45

Martin, Hannah, Ray and Po-thank you so much for the lovely comments.


Wed 28th Nov 2018 21:13

Hazel I have been on here just a few days
and each poets words never cease to amaze

You are my latest greatest find
wonderful words wonderful rhymes.

Looking forward to reading more.


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Tue 9th Oct 2018 23:03

Fabulously presented thoughts a real humdinger Hazel.It's effective that you ask the question first and then give it your own individual answer, which brings a sympathetic response from our dear readers!!


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Hannah Collins

Tue 9th Oct 2018 21:13

Read it through twice, it's a brilliant poem.


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Martin Elder

Sun 7th Oct 2018 22:41

The eternal question life before death. I guess it depends who you ask and where you look. I love the metaphor with dance.

Nice one Hazel

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Hazel ettridge

Sun 7th Oct 2018 18:29

Brilliant comments everyone. Thank you.
Yes, too much Strictly. I probably just need a bit more hip rotation!!!!
David - rhyme is wonderful in the right hands (Just not mine).

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Sun 7th Oct 2018 15:55

Wonderful poem Hazel

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Sun 7th Oct 2018 15:46

"..dancing with shadows has been my persuasion."

--when the realization dawned that there isn't something wrong with the world, but there must be something wrong with me...meh, what can ya' do?

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Rose Casserley

Sun 7th Oct 2018 14:28

great! in my opinion, Hazel, take a moderate bite of everything worthwhile to yourself, before old Dad time comes to take a whole bite of you! wooooh! 😱

Rose 💋

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 7th Oct 2018 13:50

Echoes of the dangers of nihilism here Hazel, and well presented.

I think often and for some the search for meaning can result in the revelation of nothingness. It is only then I feel that we can begin to create our own purpose in living. Of course millions disagree, but so far I have seen no tangible reason for their certainty.

As an aside, I would say that rhyme is not particularly natural, unlike the symmetary found in nature which is unforced. There is nothing less appealing than seeing a word appear merely to satisfy the ear, however when executed with meaning to create literal clarity there is nothing much more satisfying, millions agree apparently as "The Bards" popularity can attest to.

Far worse though is the configuration of words senselessly grouped together, which make no literal sense but create a nice rattling sound.

Nice work H,


PS, it seems likely that you have been watching too much "Strictly" I'll give you a SEVEN!

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Hazel ettridge

Sun 7th Oct 2018 12:27

Rhyming does not come naturally to me, Don. It sometimes seems to take priority over the truth and erodes the meaning of the poem.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 7th Oct 2018 12:06

Hi Hazel I also loved this excellent poem. Thank you Taylor 💕

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Don Matthews

Sun 7th Oct 2018 11:08

That was good Hazel. Excellent rhyming 😎

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Jon Stainsby

Sun 7th Oct 2018 11:07

Love this, Hazel.


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