portfolio--modern treatise/old idea

the fruit of youth and foolishness is exceedingly bitter...

through cloudbursts and sunspots

come endless interruptions of capacity--

I would say they are not my doing

because I dared never to play god

yet I've come to believe I somehow planted

the seeds of their beginnings

while helplessly meting the wages of my labors

to the Fates before whom even the gods become eventually low.

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Mon 8th Oct 2018 02:24

You bring up an interesting concept, Martin, with the idea of sowing in relation to depth--too superficially planted, a seed can be too easily carried or washed away; too deep, and it is too long denied the light it requires for nourishment (I'll be getting my coat, soon, if I keep on in this direction).

Somewhat along the same lines, an idea like this comes to mind...


Thanks for stopping by,


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Martin Elder

Sun 7th Oct 2018 22:47

One of the things I like about your poetry Rachel is that is generally always thought provoking encapsulated in just a few well crafted liens and this is no exception.
I think that we all go about planting seeds where ever we go in relating to others some deeper than others. Even by the fact that we state we don't relate to people in its self means that we have planted a seed or connection. Wow I am getting a bit heavy here sorry.
I'll get my coat
lovely poem

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Sun 7th Oct 2018 21:57

Thank you kindly, Hazel--I'm glad it seemed to hit a chord with a few of you..much appreciated.

Rachel x

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Hazel ettridge

Sun 7th Oct 2018 10:45

Stunning. That last line is genius.

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