Living With Me


Can you imagine

living with Me for 40 years

just how terrible a thing

that must be

you would not wish it

on your worst enemy

I know I would not do it

would recommend against it

yet here she is

all aglow in the same rays of sunshine

and girlish optimism

she had when we first met


she somehow keeps that

sweetness and love

that she had the day we got married

and people are amazed that

someone as gracious and kind as her

would have stuck with me for so many years

how she persevered through such a strange relationship

leaves people baffled


but it isn't sickness or health that has kept her here

and it isn't that she is lacking

because people recognize

her abilities and her intellect

and it isn't that she could not have done better

there were boys standing in line



it is quite frankly just



that has let it last this long

the longer we live together

the more we grow alike

I to her

she to me

and that's how the whole thing works.




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<Deleted User> (19836)

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 18:09

To forgive is truly divine! This poem is heartwarming, humbling and a really beautiful sentiment.?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 16:11

What a wonderful poem, love story. I agree D.K. forgiveness is key. To also forget once forgiven is the secret...

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