He pins me to the ground, and whispers into my ear. “Why are you still around? Nobody really wants you here.”

I yell no, try to fight him off, beg and plead. There is no point, he’s staying, I can’t help but take heed. 

This dark entity, this monster who lives in my head. This bully who won’t give up until I am dead.

Will I ever take control of this fight, and break free? Or will this force wear me down and destroy what is me?

◄ Butterfly Kisses

Perditus. ►


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Kayleigh Denton

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 13:13

Thank you both very much for your kind words. The purpose of this writing was to portray my battle with mental health disorders, I wasn’t expecting such a positive response so thank you all ❤️

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Shanice Matos

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 04:10

I really love the dark mystery feeling this poem has. Whether it’s true to your life or something you’re just passionate about, it really deserves to be in a book.

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Don Matthews

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 00:29

I like the way you have expressed how you're feeling Kayleigh if not the way you're feeling. I didn't see the rhyming till the end. ?

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Kayleigh Denton

Tue 2nd Oct 2018 23:45

Thank you!

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Tue 2nd Oct 2018 23:29

An excellent description of your desperation in so few words.Well done

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