West Ham Bubble and Poet Out Of His Depth

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West Ham Bubble and Poet Out of His Depth



Today I am a bubble

Flying 'bove the crowd

West Ham United Supporters

Gosh, they are so loud


To me this all so new

Supporting Ham like this

A novel new experience

One I wouldn't miss


Hey! What is going on?

Whatever is the matter?

Someone's thrown a rock at me

I'm now all rain and splatter


I heard an angry cry

While I was shiny round

“You bloody West Ham followers

Stop all this bubbling round”


I fell (all rain and splatter)

Cos I had burst my bubble

On to the ground which was I did found

Was all mixed joy and rubble


Being a distant foreigner

Not sure of UK bubbles

I've probably gone and got myself

In heap of bloody trouble


Don Matthews September 2018


The hidden character blowing bubbles at front is Brian.  Doesn't want people knowing he's a West Ham supporter


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 17th Sep 2018 16:25

A late friend of mine here is central London was a fervent
supported of the claret and blues (the Hammers) and would
burst into this venerable song at the drop of a club scarf!
Community singing at football matches has long been a
tradition and clubs like West Ham and Liverpool still lead the way towards keeping it alive. The famed US composer
Richard Rodgers was pleasantly surprised when told his
song was a football "anthem" here.

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Don Matthews

Sun 16th Sep 2018 09:49

That crowd sounds as if it could get real ferocious Brian. I can picture 1,000's , yes 1,000's of bubblemakers aka troublemakers coming out in angst and smothering the opposition is bubbles. Players slipping and sliding. What a mess.

Sounds good fun. Pity I'm 10,000 miles away 😎

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Brian Maryon

Sun 16th Sep 2018 08:34

Don you're in a 10,000 miles away bubble and don't really see much proper sport, hence my introduction to some good wholeheated football hooliganism.

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Don Matthews

Sun 16th Sep 2018 08:20

My little bubble was happy floating around yesterday. Then Brian, the bugga, sends it to Ham United and look what happens? Gets a rock thrown at it. Our football fans aren't that cruel....

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