A Moment of clarity

I lost myself somewhere in between
The longboard in the road beneath me
For a second there I was floating in the sky
The blood-stained Supernova rushed into my thoughts

So where are you when I was getting high
Because somewhere in this vodka bottle
There has to be the answer I'm looking for
It just may take a few thousand bottles before I get there though

So what's going to kill me first the broken heart syndrome
Or the landslide that's getting closer to me
I had this longboard in the thoughts of us getting high
So can I kiss you for every bottle I drink down

There was no high and there was no me there was only you
That's the answer I'm looking for how to get back to that
A moment of honesty a moment of pure love coming from me it's rare but you bring it out 
I believe with you I can make it longer than just a moment I can make it my whole life

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Martin Elder

Sun 16th Sep 2018 22:33

This would seem to be quite an honest piece which is both refreshing and wonderfully provocative .
love it

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