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Capture the moment 

in a single photograph.

Keep the memory 

of a loved one 

in a framed picture on your nightstand.

Take a beautiful picture 

of scenery or people.

Freeze the world and time

for just one second.

A fleeting moment 

of stolen elegance 

and beauty.

Take a photograph.

It lasts longer.

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Don Matthews

Tue 25th Sep 2018 09:19

MC echoes my same thoughts Elle 😎

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 17th Sep 2018 16:36

Absolutely right in its premise! Photography has proved
itself to be one of the GREAT inventions - from still to
moving image - to capture the imagination and the reality
that would otherwise be lost. Just think how the great
events before its arrival would have connected with our
lives - and what might have been prevented (the murder of the princes in the Tower?), if it had been in use as we know
it today (CCTV) A fascinating thought!
I never knew my Uncle Nick who was killed in the Great War
(1914-1918) but I have his photograph - a good looking
young man, casual in his dress-down army uniform - and
he is alive for me...looking out from that sepia print of a
hundred years ago.

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