Tell me how am I supposed to end this?
This feeling in my stomach, is it endless?
I can't say that any of this makes sense,
but this has got me feeling apprehensive.

In my brain all I get is emotional feedback.
It always makes me take a few steps back.
I don't know what's wrong with my brain.
I can feel the static flow through my veins.

I'm trying to end the ringing in my ear.
A sound like voices that are not quite clear.
Do I have a loose wire or bad connection?
Can someone point me in the right direction?

So testing, testing, one, two, three.
May I have your attention please;
Why am I letting this get the best of me?
Pull the plugs so I can finally get some sleep.

I don't need a doctor just an electrician,
So they'll fix me not just give me medicine.
Maybe I should stop expecting everyone to help.
But this is something I just can't fix myself.


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Paul Sayer

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 09:26

I left school at 15
went to collage for three years
passed my exams to be an electrician (with credit fuck knows how)
got married
got divorced
got married again
got a bong
got sectioned
got divorced again
got clean
got married again
stopped popping pills
stopped that monthly jab in the arse
started writing poetry

That was half a fucking lifetime waisted.
life begins at 40 some people say
well mine began at 30
Yours Nick is JUST starting!

My life now is daily seeing the horrors of drugs, guns, knifes, mental torment, being undiagnosed, not seeking or worse not getting any help.

Murders are rampant, wars are rampant, rape is rampant, gangs are rampant, terrorists are rampant, drug addicts are rampant, alcoholics are rampant

Corrupt governments and world leaders are rampant...

Who is going to sort all this shit out

YOU! The fucking little man/women who has all the power... WHEN you have unfurled those wings and soured above it all.

Someone here at WOL said once It sounds like you are on a pulpit.... Dam straight I am.

I found God, he said the Church is not for you, you are preaching to the converted. Go out on to the streets, talk to people lost to this world, help them find their way to freedom, peace, reality.

Go on the internet people need to wake the fuck up!
"Good God" I said "You can't say things like that"...

Well maybe that voice in my head is NOT God
I have been told by some twats it is the devil. LOL

Well all I can say is, I don't give a fuck who is speaking
I do sincerely care what the message is

Is it helpful or is it hurtful

Fuck the latter
Praise the former!

That's just me talking

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