Above The Light Of The Morning Star

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Above The Light Of The Morning Star


Pity the dark eyed man who chases sleep.

Yet, pity more, the man who finds that realm

and dances with his friends, long gone,

then wakes to find such loneliness in his heart.


A father’s hand laid gently on his shoulder

or a mothers kiss to say farewell on leaving.

These are the magic lanterns

of the ghosts that are their ghosts.


No fear here in the dark, nocturnal traps -

just longing for their presence once again

and knowing that the waking will be cold

as a winter’s embrace upon a frozen lake.


When the tender touch of sunrise intrudes

upon the reveries of sleep

they drift away like cobwebs

on an insistent, uncaring, breeze.


The dead, alive in somnolence

that too soon slips from fingers

grasping to touch them for a moment longer

as they return to their pretty lairs.


I have met with demons in this place

but go back for the pleasure

of spending time again

with familiar angels.


And when, I too, reside in this land of dreams

and drift with those fleeting phantoms,

I will wait for you to visit me

and take comfort before the light of the morning star..



NOTE: The title is taken from the final line in William Blake’s ‘The Land Of Dreams’

Painting by Svenja Gosen

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 16th Sep 2018 12:46

thanx all for your kind and encouraging comments and 'likes'
I really appreciate you taking the time to give feedback

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Darren J Beaney

Wed 12th Sep 2018 10:55

Wow that is something else Ian

I absolutely love the opening Stanza... (it was so good the whole poem could have stopped there, but thankfully it didn't).



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Rose Casserley

Wed 12th Sep 2018 00:14

was just about to get my jim-jammed ariss in pit but decided to have a last root through the blogs....

thank f I did! seeing this absolute gem, I thought holy shit!
the big guy strikes again! and in a f big way!

big enough to get bunged on as POTW....deffo!

top shelf stuff Ian. Big pat on a very big talented back.

Rose 💋

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Tue 11th Sep 2018 22:03

Incredibly sensitive and considered writing Ian. There is sadness but not mawkishness, and a comfort in its span.
The magic lanterns a perfect idea, and where demons rein we have to be bold and challenge them to find the ties of love. Just marvellous and moving.


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Becky Who

Tue 11th Sep 2018 20:30

This is beautiful.

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