Diddle,diddle dumpling

Diddle,diddle dumpling my son Fred,

Woke up one morning with a demon in his bed.

She had wings and was ready to fly,

She was warm and beautiful with evil in her eye.


She jumped on his head and entered his brain,

She was there to explore and mentally drain.

The goodness in there she physically drank.

The badness she spread as an evil prank.


"I need a saviour to heal my pain ,

Said Fred,to get rid of this demon in my brain.

My brain is always trapped in a cell.

Driving me crazy ,making life hell.

This demon must not remain,

She's driving me quite  insane!"



Diddle diddle dumpling my dad Don,

Woke up this morning the demon had gone,

We swiftly discovered without any doubt,

It was a nightmare he'd had after a night out.






◄ It wasn't my dog!

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Taylor Crowshaw

Fri 7th Sep 2018 13:46

Nice Hugh although I hope I don't dream of her...😂

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Fri 7th Sep 2018 11:55

Awesome!!!!! 😄


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