Demonization,beware !

Demons come and demons go,

They enter the brain when your feeling low.

Spreading evil as the good they shred.

Causing  major panic in your head.


If the bad in your head prevails,

Then into the depth of darkness the demon sails.

Magnifying the evil thats embedded there,

Heaving it out in a thunderous scare.


Disasters happen when brains are badly demonized,

Lives are lost futures sadly sacrificed.

Bombs are blasted creating shrouds,

Cars tragically driven into crowds.


Close the gates before the demons enter ,

And create havoc in the brain centre.

Be happy and free,make a close bond with your Maker,

Experience the genuine joy of the connection between you and your Creator.


The Creator of the universe loves you let Him in.

He will draw near to you .Bin the sin!!

In this atmosphere, intimacy is built and paired,

Trust is gained and secrets shared.


Let God in and lean on his power of love,

Much stronger than the demons preying from above.

Begin a deep relationship with God which will grow.

Much stronger than  anything  life will ever throw.


Good luck.









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Don Matthews

Thu 6th Sep 2018 00:21

I'm surprised (yet I'm pleased)
Hugh, you haven't ignored us
Brian/I will go look for
Plan B in the FUN BUS

Take it from garage
Give it oil change
Take all the gang
Stay within range

If we find something
Bit brighter and jolly
We'll spread it all round
From FUN BUS, (gosh golly)

All the BUS gang
Will travel around
Searching for B plan
(Guess?) Till it's found

ribbit.....FUN BUS, heaven on earth
woof.....wotta life 😲

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Wed 5th Sep 2018 12:13

Some poetry is written in sincerity as is yours here - sadly I feel the scope of the subject is like a loop that never starts or finishes with any kind of certainty, except for the miasma of belief. Re bombs, they are created within the twisted mindset of paradise. It seems that one man's demons might be another man's Allah.

Sorry to seem bitter, just trying to be realistic!!

I'll get my coat as usual.


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Wed 5th Sep 2018 08:29

I'm sorry lads ,no plan B,
Only the two paths rhymed by me.
Maybe someone else on W.O.L.
Can advise you on a way out of hell.

Do some research and decide your own fate,
But if you decide on Heaven its never to late.
Good luck to you both from Anya and me,
And hopefully you both in Heaven we'll see.

If you find a plan B please put it into verse,
And let us all know before we parade in our hearse.
If its something that's so much better,
Share it with us and maybe become a trend setter.

Good luck

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Wed 5th Sep 2018 06:09

I think Brian and Don you need to find your own Plan B...

And like Hugh says,

Good luck!


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Don Matthews

Wed 5th Sep 2018 05:12

Yes Brian, any suggestions for a plan B Hugh ? 😎

<Deleted User> (19836)

Tue 4th Sep 2018 21:53

Beautiful Hugh! Brimming with positive energy!😊

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Brian Maryon

Tue 4th Sep 2018 21:23

Hugh I don't believe in you have a Plan B please?

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Tue 4th Sep 2018 20:35

What a great, great poem Hugh!!! Just love it so much!!!

Thank you!!! 😘

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 4th Sep 2018 19:09

So true Hugh...x

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