Super Love?

Superhero Love?



She had a thing for Spiderman, she loved his legs so hairy,

Some would shriek and run the tap, she never found him scary,

The way he walked, his great big eyes, he drove her up the wall.

But he never did the dusting, in fact no work at all,


Spent all his time just on the web,

Hanging round all day.

She had to tell him all the time

Don’t touch your flies, she’d say.  


Stumbling legless in the door,

he scuttled into bed,

The tales he’d weave was just one flaw,

He left her hanging by a thread.


She linked up with a Thunderbird, 

Who begged to tie the knot

Brains his name, from what she’d heard,

Brightest of the lot.


No strings attached, her special friend, 

But she soon felt tied down

He left her at a loose end

Then thunderbirds were go-go gone!


Experimenting afterwards

She hooked up with Elastigirl

It felt so nice to feel her arms

Wrapped round and round again.


She had a fling with Mr Invisible, 

But he was never there

So she fell for Mr Incredible,

His square jaw, his perfect hair

His t shirt bulged, his muscles strong

But kind and gentle too,

He had issues, his powers gone,

But she had issues too.


She went out with Incredible Hulk,

When he attended anger classes,

He always bought his shirts in bulk

But things change, time passes.




But soon she tired of perfect men,

And one thing then she knew,

Flaws are okay now and then,

Tango dances can take two

And finding Barbie takes a Ken

Too incredible can’t be true.



Incredible is not enough

To do amazing things

With superpowers and being so tough

They’re nothing more than flings

So settling down became her vow

To find a steady man

who would provide more aah than wow

she’d be no desperate Dan. 


And now she’s found her Mr Right,

Who lives in a small flat,

She sometimes dreams alone at night,

Of Super this and Wonder that.

Then smiles at all the fun she had,

With men that others feared,

But now her life’s not all that bad,

And not quite half so weird.



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Hannah Collins

Mon 17th Sep 2018 18:05

I love this, it made me smile all the way through, all the references to those magical men.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 1st Sep 2018 17:54

Fun and fanciful in equal measure - with a pleasing
consistency in the use of the imagination.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 1st Sep 2018 13:19

Love it Mike..clever, interesting..😃

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