5.26(Last Rodeo)

The first victim, you made me 
The first causality, I was 
The first mistake you took to heart.

5 stones you cast into the river 
Mistakes your friends made 
I paid the price.

5 cards you cast aside 
All because of a couple racks
5 scorpions you set ablaze 
All because of a little detail.

Loved you like a brother I never had
Stood up for you like you was blood
Had your back against guys that were my guys but not your guys
But still, I was your first victim 

Pulled tricks on Sandra, yet blamed her 
Like she pulled one on you 
Still accepted you like a brother 
Guess I should have listened to Sandra.

Never for once collected favors from you 
Because you consider favors as debt 
And come to collect like Old Matthew 

Your circles are like litters of pink Peppa 
Filled with empty wraps and no worth
Despite my white garment, I embraced you. 

Trusted you like no one, Eventually remixed a Judas 
Good times bad times you held a grudge 
Like I was your enemy.
Finally am down, pained and disappointed

but my appointment is waiting for me on my way up
The only direction I see after falling from the penthouse.




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Shalom Jordans

Tue 30th Jun 2020 13:13

yeah also me but i survived and came out better and stronger

<Deleted User> (24283)

Mon 29th Jun 2020 14:33

Et tu Brutus!!

Big Sal

Tue 28th Aug 2018 19:55

Highly relatable to some, and hits close to home for those it is relatable for. A lot of great lines in this piece.?

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Martin Elder

Tue 28th Aug 2018 16:09

Aside from the profound statements here which are excellent it also has a rhythm and pace that helps the reader along. I would like to hear it live . I imagine it would work well.
Nice one

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Shalom Jordans

Tue 28th Aug 2018 14:26

wooow thank you so much Jane xx

<Deleted User> (19836)

Tue 28th Aug 2018 14:23

A very profound piece indeed. The pain we suffer when we feel betrayed. A well thought out poem full of truth and emotion. I have felt such betrayal and hear you! Thank you. Jane?

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