Watcha Cooking Up Don?

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Watcha Cooking Up Don?




I have been asked to write a Saturday poem on cooking.  Here is my contribution.


Watcha cooking up Don?

This Saturday, for fun

This week's theme is cooking

Swiss Missy's gone, she's done


Watcha cooking up Don?

This Saturday for us?

You've 'ready done a miracle

Creating WOL's FUN BUS


We know you had some help

No poet is an isle

Except maybe Em Dickinson

With you, it was et al


Watcha cooking up Don?

On hotplate of your mind

Are your neurons cooking

Cooking what they find?


Watcha cooking up Don?

You've cloned a sis for Tina

You called her Gina (miracle man)

But Brian has never seen her?


To explain


Tina was Brian Maryon's creation

To me she was lonely and needed a sister

Tina/Gina ? Why not?

Brian went on holidays to a sunny isle

I told him Gina was waiting for him.

He went bike riding looking for her

Missed her. Such is the life of Brian


To continue


Watcha cooking up Don?

From your manic mind

Balance Comic Serious

But don't get in a bind


Watcha cooking up Don?

Your neurons we can hear

Hear from you 10,000 miles

Racing here, top gear


Gosh Don, you're on fire

Watcha cooking up?

Don't wanna burn your brain out

'Cause a big ture-rup


More explain


If no words fit I invent one

Just reverse ture-up


More continue


So watcha cooking up Don?

You've finally settled down

Hello? FUN BUS HQ?

Don's 'bout to go to town?


Now this does sound exciting

They say more trips are planned

With driver Don and Tina/Gina

Tending bar, womaned


With FUN BUS on the road

There should be lots of room

To load up fun and laughter

(But none for doom and gloom)


gin and tonic?....thankyou Tina


Don Matthews August 2018


We have been fortunate enough to get film of Brian cooking up a storm.

Shit Brian!  I know we are both silly but did you have to go to such extremes?  That little lobster!  And that poor bird at the end - you could've left the window open a bit more!

I will give you that cake-trip-upper stunt.  The guests would've loved it.

To top it off your flaming death-defying leap over the balcony into the swimming pool left me speechless!  How on earth did you stage that?  A stuntman could not have done any better.  I'm sure your self-combusting wife would be proud of you.

We all look forward to your next performance.


Saturday fun

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Becky Who

Sat 25th Aug 2018 09:10

Great fun Don!

<Deleted User> (19836)

Sat 25th Aug 2018 08:19

Truly unique Don...flabbergasting!!! ?

Funny video clip...great way to start the day!

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Brian Maryon

Sat 25th Aug 2018 08:19

He's back on the bus
cooking up funning
He don't know if
he's going or coming can use my made-up word if you like.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 25th Aug 2018 07:38

Good one Don ?

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