Forces of Nature

Monsoons creating mudslides

Volcano erupting in dark of night

Tornado wrenching up trees as if matchwood, 

as flood water sweeps in unabated 

Forces over which we have no control


Bone dry, arid landscape, parched and thirsty

Strangely alluring and yet deadly in its nature

Cacti defying the climate by storing fluid

How many stories could they tell of lost souls?

Forces over which we have no control


Shooting stars

Meteor storms

Gravitational pull

Other strange Planets 

Burning suns

The Earths atmosphere

Black holes

Forces over which we have no control


Wars and battles, many casualties 

Despots, dictators, terrorists, fatalities

Acts of pure evil, no apparent motive

Mercy not shown, subjects emotive

All of these things taking their toll

Forces over which we have no control?











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Fred Varden

Tue 21st Aug 2018 23:43

This is so true Taylor, in this modern day it seems too that we are powerless to prevent some people from doing whatever evil
they wish to do by any means, very sad. Thank you again😀

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 21st Aug 2018 15:56

Liked this little we can do against the forces of nature and world powers. How much we could do if only we could act in unity. We never learn..

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