Randomly Wonderful

Life can be as captivating as it can be cruel

From the opening of a car door, to the unusually silent journey to an unknown destination.

Intriguing, suspicious,

but in a strange way, randomly wonderful.


A chance encounter in of all places, a supermarket, bringing back images past.

Impressions in the mind now unlocked

As if being released from a dark eerie crypt

Black, but somehow now clearer than before 

But in a strange way, randomly wonderful


Like some superhero unleashed and free

Released from a secret identity, masking the truth, becoming completely unassociated. 

Being able to remain incognito whilst infiltrating

the thoughts and dreams of the unsuspecting. 

Adrenaline pumping, acute apprehension. 

Indiscriminate feelings, actions, methods, no

conscious decision, but randomly wonderful.

◄ Alexa and Siri



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