new poem i wrote in pub for my open mic lol

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and my new plane art too! drawn while drunk in abbey pub before my open mic




When you think you have it all and you smile knowing you’re the king of your own little world, an empire of your own making made by you. You do something that separates you from this life of your own making and what you have – a house with a mortgage paid for by your job in the City, engaged to be married to your best friends sister with whom you have a child and a second on the way. A nice German company car, two holidays a year paid for by your City firm job. A house of cards all strong until a gust of wind comes along and levels your life. You lose everything because you dared mock fate on one cold desolate winter evening. Fate repaid you in kind, now she is no longer with you guiding you and caught up in your under dealing with dodgy City firms, leading to their downfall, your downfall. No more City job to pay for your twin holidays or mortgage on your plush Hertfordshire house, your pad.

You lose your nice company car and have to take the bus. Back at your mothers your soon to be wife is at her mates along with your new family now lost to you. Wanna see your kids? Get a good brief but not a dodgy one like the one who tries to save you from jail due to your lowlife dealings in the financial underworld. Don’t mock fate!


◄ nice happy xmas poem for you lol:)

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