nice happy xmas poem for you lol:)



My dreams haunt me as does the music, drunk I dance to the mesmerising tales told by the songs of 25 years ago, as real now as back then. The heady rush of the moment takes me and lifts me up ever so high until my primeval fear snatches my euphoria away like committing an armed robbery on a child for his sweets. Cold war nightmare returns with a dozen vengeances as I dare to life the veil of the nightmare, I only wanted to peek inside! Nena and Frankie got it right in their two songs 99 Red Balloons and Two Tribes, we really did live in a nightmare but with such erotic desires - do anything you wanna do coz after they drop the bomb and nuke us all in world war3 no one will be left to care or give a damn. I hear my mother ask me what do you want for Xmas son? Mother I want this... to go back to Xmas in 1986 and to see a nuclear war, for the Warsaw pact/soviet forces to come across the Fulda gap and the north German plain. For NATO to stop their conventional forces with tactical nukes after air power fails, the heady rush of nuclear escalation killing us all, overwhelming our planet irradiating our world darkening our skies with nuclear mushroom clouds. On and on and on I writhe in ecstatic enjoyment seeing the work of the devil thru Christian believing western men bringing on the end of their, our, world stopping the heathen red menace with all they’ve got. You see it was a matter pride not common sense that made them react they were trained well. Now after watching my Xmas gift, I ask to go home. I hear no reply. Slowly it dawns on me, I can’t go home and there is no home. Just an irradiated world stuck in Xmas 1986, totally destroyed. What did I wish for? Am I dreaming a nightmare that I’m stuck in, did the veil fall after I looked inside drawing me in a prisoner? I can say what a fuckin' rush, I don’t need drugs they’re for pussies I just need my cold war music and my mind that is like a television. On and on the music plays as the pershing2 and cruise missiles launch as F-16s and other jets battle it out in the winter heavens as the countdown to the end begins. Who said the darkness wasn’t fun? Who did win in the end of the world?

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new poem i wrote in pub for my open mic lol ►


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