JUST ANOTHER WAR (A message to Barack Obama - Nobel Peace Prize)



They started a war - a war in my name

the truth - they had to bend it;

they tore out the heart of integrity’s soul

now who will come to mend it?


Attackers came forth from the land of the sand

with a plot that the West vowed to foil.

They went to off war in freedom’s name

but the sand was not free from the oil.


The men in the suits in the sleek Cadillacs

looked out to the men in the dust

they saw primitive values and uncouth ways

and their arrogance scarce hid disgust..


In the land of the Burger obese with right

and drunk with the power to bring "hope"

those hands, soiled and grasping, thrown wide to express

their phenomenal military scope.


They marshaled their regiments hardware and kit,

shipped out to the fabulous East;

the Forces of Freedom would soon be on hand

come-uppance to bring to The Beast.


But unknown to the mind of these conquering Lords

there’s a beast in the heart of all men,

apparently vanquished by culture’s veneer

yet ready to spring out again.


In that prison these men from the Land of the Free

in contempt for the men of the sand

let loose the fell beast to torment and defile

bringing shades of the past to that land.


They say ‘this too shall pass’, and in fullness of time

we will wonder just what it was for,

while thousands will live out their bleak shattered lives

awaiting another Just War.












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barrie singleton

Sun 27th Dec 2009 19:40

A MATTER OF SYLLABLES? Addressing your point Cynthia: It is written the way I pronounce it - Milit'ry. Were I 'doing a Gilbert and Sullivan' it would be 'mil-it-ar-y' (as in Major-Gen-er-al). (:o)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 27th Dec 2009 11:00

Once again, many good points made with poetical verve.

I don't agree that the whole issue is just about money. Idealism can be just as dangerous or more so. I just regret that such an unwise comment was made at all. I was instantly shocked by the ramifications of such a statement; but I acknowledge that honesty is better than hypocrisy.

Talk about a 'pea under the mattress', just check 'military' and perhaps substitute 'militant' - keeps the rhythm driving on.

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clarissa mckone

Sun 27th Dec 2009 05:54

Bo will change nothing, hes just another bush, hes NWO, hes IMF, hes CFR, hes corporate created greed, hes the face on a milk carton to sell to the masses that think they control things, when in fact we the people control nothing. Hes federal reserve, hes trilateral commission,hes illuminate, he sucks Rockefeller ass ,as all elected have done for the past 30 plus years.Hes bought and paid for by ruling family's that own the banks.You will see little change, except that we shall lose more and more personal freedoms. I may share that your elected are one and the same ass suckers and will lie to get elected and get very little changed.They had Kennedy killed because he wrote a bill that still stands on the books to end the illegal federal reserve.This will be war against the big guys and you better have more then a stick and some rocks to fight them.Ron Paul was probably the only guy to tell the truth in a long time that ran for president here, but because he told the truth they made him out as a nutter and his followers, and gave him very little air time.Now every day, we see, the media sees that what he said was true, and so we are seeing a backlash from some in media against government and liars and well our wonderful change in a bottle B.O. Vent all you want about false change, 1/2 of America is pissed off.Till the other half figure it out, nothing will change.
No one is free we are all slaves!

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