The Voice

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The Voice


How lucky I am to have my voice

With all its possibilities

I give it charm I make it sing

I can denote hostilities


How lucky am I to have a choice

To take this voice most everywhere

To express meaning, give voice feelings

Show my leaning when I dare


How lucky indeed to sow a note

And reap a song, when nature inspires

And good things conspire

The feeling’s strong


How lucky thank god to have the lips

To purse so freely

In synch with chords, they rest assured

That all can hear me


How lucky I gasp to have the mind

To speak of passion

Staccato words, expressed in clear

And loving fashion


And lucky, I know, to have freedom

I speak at will

Now paired with wisdom, I have the right

But speak no ill


But who to thank, I am not sure,

For this great blessing.

From where it came, and how it grew

There is no telling


I only know the voice is mine

To mind securely

If not charged right, it will take flight

I’ll lose it surely.

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<Deleted User> (7073)

Fri 18th Dec 2009 10:51

Your voice transcribes well to the written word in this thoughtful poem ;-)I have a particular soft spot for quatrains particularly those that rhyme too.
TC ;-)

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