old kid, new tricks

For every kid there is a time

When in the mind

All summers are going to last forever

And the stickiness under your arms

In the folds of your skin

Behind your knees

Will remain a part of your life

as much as blowing Raspberry’s on your arm

as much as ice poles that turned your tongue blue or red

seemed so big

you thought they would never end

trying to hide the bored sighs

of another lane of endless countryside

and the same again mile after mile

blank roads and dual carriageways

hiding from the parental glare

whilst sticking to plastic car covered seats

being told not to fidget so much

until finally at night

able to lay out on the back seat

and watch the bright pin pricked sky

until the boy becomes a youth

with all the back beat

of my generation

and the lackadaisical lazy Sunday afternoon

through the crackle and hiss of trying to tune

your transistor to Caroline, Luxembourg or London

until radio is taken over by the man

and pop becomes rock

and the youth grows up

and summers are lazy

in a different kind of way 

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Martin Elder

Tue 24th Jul 2018 00:10

Thanks Rose and Andy

I can clearly remember going on family holidays down to Cornwall, and being stuck on the infamous Honiton bypass in the searing heat even with the windows wound down,. No air con in those days. Well not for a Ford Cortina!

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Rose Casserley

Mon 23rd Jul 2018 16:07

great stuff Mr E! I particularly LOVE the opening three lines. A very relatable piece that takes some of us back to happier times.

Cheers matey.

Rose ?

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Andy N

Sat 16th Jun 2018 06:53

brilliant Martin. reminds me of my old end of summer poems. this is powerful stuff which i can really se.

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Martin Elder

Mon 4th Jun 2018 22:20

Thanks to all for reading. Thanks to Rachel, Brian, Jon, Anya and Darren for liking.

Thanks to Colin, Pat and Hannah for commenting . I seem to be writing a lot of stuff around my past these days which is fine as long as I don't become a BOF. That is to say not a bigger one than usual
Thanks again everybody, much appreciated

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 4th Jun 2018 08:14

good stuff Martin - had me remembering odds and ends from my own youth. Col.

Pat Hughes

Sun 3rd Jun 2018 21:04

What an amazing poem,bloody brilliant.
It's like you took all the good childhood memories and made them sing.
My favourite poem of this year.

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Hannah Collins

Sun 3rd Jun 2018 20:53

Oh brilliant !
You've captured childhood summer,
'All summers are going to last forever'
It felt like that.
I miss that.


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