Tale from the North Country


As we crunched through snow together

In inclement Arctic weather,

I brought to mind an Old Icelandic song;

There’s a saga of the Viking

You need to heed when hiking

That “Pissing in His Boots -

Keeps No Man Warm for Long”.


Already you’ll be gleaning

A second, deeper, meaning

That short-term paths will, long-term, turn out wrong

As a simple rule of thumb

They will stab you up the bum

Cos “Pissing in His Boots  -

Keeps No Man Warm for Long”.


My friend thanked me profusely,

Retorting quite obtusely,

And adding that there’s more we ought to know;

That if your thirst needs slaking,

A big mistake you’re making's

To try to quench your thirst -

By eating yellow snow.

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