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A crucifix on a silver chain

blackened by soil.

A golden locket

shiny new

a memory

a gift perhaps.

Tumbled together

in the earth

and found


All souvenirs of love

gone bad.

I see the photos

on the news of girls

in their sweet youth,

a schoolgirl neat

or a wild child

but all in innocence

and purity.

And all lost.

All loved.

but lost.

A life

is missed out.


Why is this chaos of emotion

just so strong,

why stronger than the love

the trust, the hope?

A full stop puts an end

to joy.

As wrists are tied

and mouths are stopped.



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Horace Thespider

Fri 18th Dec 2009 18:23

Thanks for your kind comment.
By the way, I can dance.

<Deleted User> (7073)

Thu 17th Dec 2009 19:54

Actually knowing that, makes this a very chilling read. Quite scary really but a powerfully compelling works.TC X ;-)

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 17th Dec 2009 06:41

I wrote this after seeing something on last night's news about a man who had murdered several young women. It showed many items of jewellery that he had taken from his victims. There were many more pieces of jewellery than the number of his known victims would suggest, so now the families of missing girls, going back over decades, will have to examine these items to see if they recognise any of them. I found this story very sad and chilling. The photos of his victims showed beautiful girls on the brink of their lives. So I wrote this for them.

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Wed 16th Dec 2009 22:39

I guess they could mean the spiritual and the physical loss - or maybe they were items picked randomly because they are normally worn and often lost. A powerful poem Ann - who couldn't be moved by the premature closure of life. The repetition of certain words really brings home the 'chaos of emotion'. Impossible not to be affected by it.

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Dave Bradley

Wed 16th Dec 2009 22:21


This is very effective and powerful and therefore very troubling. When tragedy strikes it is often the small things which bring it home. Starting with the crucifix and the locket feels perfect. What do they symbolise for you?

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