Write Out Loud Contributing Editor named "Best Reviewer" at the Saboteurs

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Write Out Loud’s very own Contributing Editor Jade Cuttle has scooped yet another award which recognises her distinctive critical writing and reviewing skills.  Named “Best Reviewer” at the Saboteur Awards earlier this month, Jade fought off some pretty stiff competition to take the top prize in her category. 

Poet, writer, critic and journalist Jade told Write Out Loud how thrilled she was to have won this year, “I’m delighted to have won. There’s a great dearth of prizes for criticism, so it feels incredible to have my critical work receive recognition beyond magazines’ brief print-run.”  Other nominees for Best Reviewer included Sandeep Parmar, founder of the Ledbury Poetry Festival’s Emerging Critic Scheme.  “I thought Sandeep would win” said Jade, who says she voted for her “because of her inspiring work for encouraging diversity in poetry reviewing culture.”

The Saboteur Awards are organised by Sabotage Reviews, an organisation founded in 2010 to provide dynamic commentary and reviews of small-scale and ephemeral literature that might not otherwise receive such critical and public attention. 

Attending the presentation ceremony during a weekend of events at London’s Theatre Delicatessen, Jade collected her award and is also now putting together an article for Write Out Loud about the whole Saboteur experience.  Her unique viewpoint will give some real insider detail, along with interviews, comment and a full list of winners from all of this year’s categories.  We can’t wait to read it!  In the mean time she continues to write fascinating articles for us like this one, where does she find the time?

She told us: “I have a dangerously voracious appetite for reviewing poetry, which is sometimes difficult to juggle alongside my other journalistic commitments but winning the award will certainly inspire me to continue this labour of love.”  Phew, thank goodness for that!

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 25th May 2018 15:06

The job of a critic is not to know more than their intended audience (often far from the case, it seems) - but to
entertain them with wit and opinions that make that
audience pay attention to the product under "review".

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