Red carpet Props

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You're just a gimmick , one of my tools.
My aid, my prop along with my jewels.
Welcome to my tacky fashion show.
Look your cutest as the spotlights glow.

You're a stooge, a shallow showbiz fact.
A part to play, you're just part of my act.
I'll do whatever to be a 'red carpet' star.
How do you think that I've come this far.

You're my trinket, a ticked box on my list.
Those big brown eyes people can't resist.
You're my throw away sidekick, future nil.
But for now you have your little role to fill.

That role anytime could come to an end.
It all depends on the latest fashion trend.
Just flavour of the month, a shelf life short.
Easily ditched if a new flavour is sought.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 19th May 2018 14:37

Short, sharp and painfully true. Good one - and well-rhymed too.

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