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Pamiantha Howlett-Lance·Tuesday, October 17, 20173 Reads

Your’e always there in the distance

waiting for the fall

Peering in on my enigmatic mind

pounding down my walls


Your’e entwined inside my thinking

Your thought input I sense

To become the wrath of your bitterness

reality becomes tense


Your’e inside the heart..the mind...the life

you tresspass as you work

You address the stage for your puppetry

determined to take a hold

the greatness of your twisted power

with each pupil you enroll

Once embedded in inside my psychie

you flourish and you grow


You like me best when I do no good

for, then I am alone


I take upon my head your crown

I am knelt down at your throne


Youv’e created here a heiress

in your hands my weakness makes home

Its as though you crawl through anything


away from my sobriety

You slither in society

bolt upright in your stance

“March on”.. you command to each of us


Free to laugh and smile.. somedays

I’ll set you free..Othr days you’ll lay n cry.


I’m that luggage with a blank tag

A label you will be

“ Hello...I’m mental illness...n you now belong to me.”


By sammy.


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Big Sal

Tue 29th May 2018 21:25

Nicely woven words for such a great piece.👍

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keith jeffries

Thu 17th May 2018 22:22

Good Evening Pamiantha,
I was quite startled by this poem as it is beautifully crafted and teases the mind. Cleverly written. Your use of imagery is intriguing. Thank you indeed.


Thu 17th May 2018 20:44

Beautiful poem! Pamiantha, you are hanging out with the right crowd here on WoL. I can relate... Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Anya x

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