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Happy Xmas Everybody

Happy Xmas Everybody


I love Christmas Day.


I’ve all my cards

on the mantelpiece,

a lot of them

from friends I can’t remember.


I’ve got my Yuletide ‘meal for one’

with a proper Christmas pud.

I don’t think anyone’s calling round today,

but I’ve some Marks and Sparks mince pies,

and a drop of sherry,

left over from last year, if they do.


The kids are all grown up

and live quite a way away,

so it’s so hard for them to visit.

But I’ve got the telly.

I’ll watch the repeats,

And repeats of the repeats,

and there’s always the Queen’s speech

after I’ve had my dinner.


I’ll snuggle up in front of the fire,

but money’s a bit tight,

so I just have the imitation coal light flickering.

It’s not that cold when you wrap up.


I’ll probably go to bed early.

It saves on the electric.

And tomorrow’s Boxing Day,

So that’s something to look forward to.


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