An electric shock!

A vacuum cleaner salesman knocked on Sally's door.

"Let me demonstrate this vacuum cleaner on your floor."

"My present  vacuum cleaner removes every bit from my carpet pile."

"Madam I promise you ,it will only take a while."

"Oh very well ,"she said and she let him in.

He immediately emptied a load of horse manure from his bin.

"If my vacuum cleaner does not remove all of it,

I personally will eat every  left behind bit."

"Well I hope you have got a great appetite,

Because they cut off my electricity last night!"



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M.C. Newberry

Mon 7th May 2018 14:31

To offer some appreciative thoughts from me:
It is clear that humour
Translates as "Hugh - more!" 😉


Sat 5th May 2018 22:14

He didn’t expect that!!! Thx Hugh! Anya

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