I think of all the things we didn’t need before

and the thought is enough

to make my heart open doors

that i never dared before to huff ... To


my heart gets warm to the things we accomplished before

and then I wake from the sweet dream that restored

the faith that once was sore

but its enough for me just for the record


you didn’t need a face to be heard

your love and voice were all you need

today this vision might get blurred

but trust me its enough to know its buried deep


you didn’t need to carry a gun to feel safe

your innocence was your only weapon

today this thought is repeatedly strafed

but its enough to make for everyday a shining sun


you didn’t need to look for a love that is been missing

its was waiting for you always around the corner

today even talking about it stings

but trust me its enough to stop the tears of all mourners


no matter our differences hate never reigned

we always found something to share

today this illness sprained

but its enough for me to still go to prayer


i know, i know what I said might not be all true

but I prefer living in a beautiful lie than facing the ugly truth

and thinking about it makes me all go blue

but trust me its enough to let me live all my life in youth

◄ broken wheel of fortune

dream river ►


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racha chafik

Mon 7th May 2018 01:43

thanks big sal

Big Sal

Tue 1st May 2018 21:04

Excellent and utterly flawless in execution.

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