broken wheel of fortune

I remember the days I used to weep

for what wasn’t meant for me

the things that were deep

with no meaning once in your hand they flee


I remembered the days I used struggle

all by my own to find meaning to little things

that now with time seem dull

getting your life attached to dangerous strings


I remember the days when troubles were easy to find

like dust on the corners of rooms

now I look at them with such an easy mind

now I’m creating flowers and plumes


its really strange how sometimes nothings enough

the jar is filled and now is spilling

but you, your eyes are rough

always looking at empty things


now i remember and try to understand

if a bird doesn’t fly it doesn’t mean it dies

a flying bird is bland

but don’t mind me keep on reaching your highs


I don’t care anymore, I’m at peace

I need no sheering, no round of applause

I'll just let my foolishness increase

and cut off my claws


if something happen then so may it be

ill be there unchanged with a smile on my face

hastily drawn with impish glee

one day you might perceive it as grace

◄ so long ago

elixir ►


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