She Glides Like Snowgoose

                                                She Glides Like a Snow Goose




            She glides like a Snow Goose

Yet black as Ace of spades,

Flies like a Snow Goose above the exercise yard

And if by some quirk of fate I catch

A glimpse of wings outstretched

Beyond the high walls and barbed wire,

      I’ll know our child is saved.




            Within myself I’m buried

Deep in hope and I know, she’ll make it

With the cash stashed playfully

And lovingly between the buxom

That is the yearnings of my home,




          Rob the bank!

Take our son in feathered flight

To sanctuary where light shines

And darkness of authority

Feels the sting only you of

Intuition on a prayer can bring,

And smile a thousand years of glory!




          Smile high and fly fast past this;

England’s drowning hope and dying story,

     Steal the air and steal a millennium

Past the intoxicated boredom of

All forgotten tomorrow’s the

Dispassionate can only dream.








            Strike a high perch that will not

Flounder on seams sewn by

The weakest of those who only

Seek control, and we’ll teach our

Children the taunting of the hell

That desperate people keen

Upon exacting power

Created as their forms of





Fly like Snow Goose,

Gander a look and laugh

At those who took the pain

Without curiosity’s gainful

Wisdom blessing courage from the

Rainbow that is the jeopardy

Of those dishonest in it’s name.




Fly way above the sounds serenity

Of quantum leap make busy

On a notion without a

Proper meaning the disqualified

Of life, and forgive the passage

Of the past - slow upon the wing

Till flight of fresh breeze in

Summers eye begs each living

Being leave imprisonment

Of ineffectual living.




Live, let our son live, live

And Be,

          Take in the air high altitude

Makes fresh and bless the fastness

Effervescent vastness the fractious

Could never in their broadest minds

Reveal, for heart you have

And heart of gold bestows

Each and every child purged

Tastefully between your loins

The blessings of The King,

     Your solemn wish a

Sharp intake of breathness

That breathless; the

Soulless  can never in their

Whisper - feel exchanged




          And feel him kick,

Be encouraged,


That fantastical of flight

That every mother knows within

Their golden soul to be

The Earth within her righteous

Forms fertility make scream,

Cradle then, the newborn

That is seldom thought of

While machine guns seal the

Fate of victims by fire power

Relentless in its preach;

       A preach that makes the saddest forms

Of man repeat eternity’s vacant

Toneless shriek.





Thank God, that when you get there,

Already dared is me, your husband,

Pained upon an un-resplendent past,

But wishing you with honesty,

This kiss!




Michael J Waite 2009

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