The Answered

                                                            The Answered




            Mother Earth is blushing,

Quiet now her voice,

For far off from a distant

Galaxy her pulse is caught,

Soothed and slowed,

Owed reception of her feelings and,

Her honesty.



It’s difficult to know One’s

Beauty while weeping all alone,

     Now leagues away in seas of space

A chariot is drawn,

Drawn by linear lines of light

To travel fast upon the globe,

Fetch a world of possibilities to heal a planet

Full of woe.



            She tends her wounds,

Sitting there in silence while exhibiting

     Full bloom,

And though her thoughts of prison

Makes a creaking of restrictions

That cannot house the ‘free!’

A necessity of equals buries indifference

Deep in cavities of grief.



            A rumble forms a proud,

Hastening the healing as the king

Adorns his crown.



            “These people, scratching

Memories of peace faint beneath the sky;

Are worthy more an unreality of quickening

To die, why do they go to war?

Why do they take for nothing the fantastical

Of life that walks the soil?”



            Blushing now but

Keen to see beneath her suitors robe,

Her timeless orbit of unrelenting sacrifice,

Her fertility of natures choice,

Her welcoming of paradise

Makes certain all who walked alone.



            Such weariness,

Such tiresome of battledom,

The magic of her maker

Cradling all her best of thought.



          One word,

One world soon celestial in its


     Makes difference to existence,

     Makes development insistent,

One word to save humanity on more

Than just this globe;

     Her recognition of this pounding heart,

Whispered through the galaxy,

Uttered once upon her lips,

     Quiet now in disbelief,

     The word to tend her gentle soul,

      Repeated through each universe,

The word almost forgotten;

The end of all we’ve hidden from,

The beginning and beginning and beginning; LOVE!




Michael J Waite 2nd December 2009. 0442hrs



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<Deleted User> (7073)

Wed 2nd Dec 2009 22:59

Just a really great piece of poetry, I enjoyed reading this, refreshing take, it could have been called 'Gaia'.
TC ;-)

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