What an amusement !

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What an amusement!


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

7:09 AM


The thought itself creates a shiver

When I find you very near

The invisible touch makes me think over

What shall be the result when you makeover!


I go back tot eh dream

And find you in my team

I look at handsome figure

Who is going to be future? 


It was never an easy going

When you were blowing

The love signals

And I was simply waiting for your arrival


The days have become long

And nights still remain among

Very much troublesome to sleep

You are always keeping me awake


I never passed through such a stage

But I felt it comes with an age

Where you are not in control of your body and mind

Something unique feelings are found


I always find you nearby

When try to feel your presence

You have asserted completely

I feel helpless really


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