The Builder

You know someone who knows a man

He thinks could help you out;

He’ll come around, he’s got a van,

If you give him a shout.


They say he’s in the building trade,

And very versatile;

Your plumbing fixed or paving laid,

All with a cheeky smile.


He’s got a mate who’ll lend a hand

With all the heavy stuff;

You’ll get good prices on demand,

And they’ll be near enough.


He’ll want his costs in ready cash,

No bills, no VAT;

No letterheads, no nothing flash,

Won’t give a guarantee.


And when he’s paid, he’ll disappear,

He’ll fade into the dawn.

You won’t see him again, I fear,

Cos once he’s paid, he’s gone.


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Trevor Alexander

Mon 16th Apr 2018 22:58

Thanks guys.
It's ok Brian, I don't have a drive. 😃
Tax is always a taxing topic MCN. 😉
And Colin, you've obviously got a duff 'un: longest I had to wait was 6 weeks.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 16th Apr 2018 20:42

been waiting 5 months for my f*****g builder to show up!

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 16th Apr 2018 16:08

Contemporary and clued-up! There will always be the
cash in hand arrangement when it suits both parties.
And if one wants to be argumentative with the tax man,
one might enquire why money forked out which has already
been taxed as income should be taxed again? Testing...testing!!
Meanwhile, I'm still being taxed on my pension, let alone anything I might need or want to buy, or service(s) I might seek.
No wonder it's said we're up there with the most highly taxed working peoples anywhere in the world.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 16th Apr 2018 11:27

Great poem again Trev.

BTW I've got a bit of tarmac left over from a previous job if you're interested in having your drive done.

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