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my anxiety is a burden I can no longer carry

bones and muscles this weak were not designed for this 

I was not born for this 


like the ocean, my anxiety washes over me 

soaking each tissue of my being 

forever drowning without being able to come up for air


I am not defined by my mental health

or by the tremurs or leaks that escape from my body 

but often sometimes I am crippled by what I endure 

there are not enough ways in the english language to explain how bare and empty I am left 


even mountains can be reduced to hills as the tide rises 

I am not okay and I don't know when I will be 


although I am reminded that I will not be free of these chains anytime soon 

the costs of my happiness are far too great for me to simply lose a weight I have bared for so long 

my anxiety may not define me, but I define my anxiety 


- I'm so happy with you, sometimes I just forget how to be


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Cait Abbott

Wed 14th Mar 2018 08:25

Patrik, I understand too well the struggle of two steps forward and three backwards. My prayers to your daughter and the rest of your family x

<Deleted User> (16099)

Tue 13th Mar 2018 23:13

I fear the anxiety battle with my daughter every day and just when I feel we're getting ahead we're really not and we have to start all over again and for my love for her I do that each day willingly with patience and the grace of prayers to you everyday as well ....

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Christopher Reeves

Tue 13th Mar 2018 18:10

Thank you for sharing, the exhausting bleak battle feels endless at times. Know it has an end and you are not alone.

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Tue 13th Mar 2018 14:37

In response to - "there are not enough ways in the english language to explain how bare and empty I am left"

It's an overwhelming feeling, the feeling of feeling nothing.

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