He Who Has Ears

If a tree falls in the forest
And no one is around
If there's no ear to catch it
Does it make a sound
Now, At first glance
At initial askance
This may not seem all that profound
On its face
Till you do a lil diggin around
See, the essence of the inquiry
About that lonesome toppled topiary
Is really about significance
And, whether it is inherent in existence
Or is it the byproduct of circumstance
Of a present spectator who has eyes to see?
Do I matter, in and of myself
Just because I am made of matter taking up space on life's shelf
Or, do I need to be beheld
Captive in a mass of pupils
And, if so, what about their scruples?
I mean, in their seeing are they looking too
Are they looking at
Or with open hearts looking through
And, say if, no one is watching
Am I still here
Or am I see thru
This may sound like ramblings
But for real, slow down and take time
To think about what I am really saying in these measured lines
We all have or have had, that question our hearts
At some point in your life
You were jolted with a start
Bolted upright with a smart
A pain and a hurt in your heart
Thinking, man, do I matter at all
But, I come bearing good news
Gon head and put on your dancing shoes
Or just bask with a satisfied smile, if you choose
Cuz I can sum it up in short order
Yes, oh yes, you do matter
I'm serving up reassurance on a silver platter
Piecing back self esteem that was shattered
Hear me again when I say, yes, you matter
I know because God told me
If you smart you know Jehovah knows every gold thing
Anything worth knowing
Is known by the tri-fold Elohim
And, He knows you
His eye firmly pressed and to you glued
Especially when you feel blue
Only one set of footprints
Cause it was in those times that He was carrying you
And, on that cross
He bled and died for you
Just you
As if this planet only ever housed one inhabitant
I came here to tell you a tree fell over 2000 years ago
And it's been making noise
Ever since...
...Are you listening?

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Ja'Net McDonald

Mon 5th Mar 2018 03:17

Thanks, Cynthia! I have definitely been influenced by hiphop. I've actually just had to embrace this fact about myself bc I don't particularly fit that mold, physically. However, it most certainly is woven into my heart and rears it's head at times. I always appreciate your input! Thanks again!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 3rd Mar 2018 12:37

It is definitely interesting. Very 'rap' in style, and well held together for a long piece.

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