My Love For You, Earth

Abandoned on a forgotten island
I would write my poetry in virginal  sand
I would caress swirls into the shore  My love expressed as primitive lore

I would carve my heartfelt sentiments Into sediment
Claim mountains as my stele
Diamond tipped stylus so no impediments
I'd style my joy into curved lines
Of titillated testaments

Oh, oh trail the tips of these fingers
Through oceans, lagoons, lakes and tributaries
My ahava declaration ebbing current carries
Bandied about the equator on Jet stream stairs, see
my love returns back to me
Sealed with world kisses from sirens, nymphs and fairies

Mm, I shall dig, dig into soft earth
Giggling as loam tickles me into mirth
Boring deeper to the core my heart all astir
Then my gladness I will pour out as the ground does concur

I will become atmosphere
Floating, lifting away from here
And embrace this world in a great bear hug
Lord, this world at my heart does tug

Now, stars, hands we hold
Pirouette around, around this globe
Iridescent Azure abode
A grand recital exuberantly displayed
My God holds it all in His hands
With never a hesitant jolt, dip, nor sway

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Ja'Net McDonald

Sat 3rd Mar 2018 06:26

Thanks, Big Sal!

Big Sal

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 23:53

I would kill for a diamond tipped stylus. Vivid imagery, and what a great read!

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