Only Connect

Only Connect


We don’t want to be alone…


But our deepest relationship is with our phone

Like a dog with a bone, checking the tone.

We swipe and we flick,, we tick and we post,

Poking, retweeting, who likes us the most?

We turn on the roast, we like and give stars,

But end of the day, do we know who we are?


This ain’t how it could be,

It’s wrong, do you see?

The tail wags the dog

Techno slavery.

Let’s go the whole hog,

Fit implants which log

If we’ve done all our steps, met targets, made friends

Checks all our posts, saves pressing send,

When we’re just feeling lost, confused and lonely

Still got connection, sometimes it’s the only

Thing we have got, lost our marbles, our minds,

Rushing and dashing, eyes gone all blurred,

Till we don’t see them in front of us, rest of the herd

Which bustles and shoves up steps and down streets,

We don’t need nobody, don’t need to meet…


Don’t change your provider, provide real contacts

Dem modem need mo dem feelings we lacks.

Switch on, plug in, log on and zone out,

Wise up, calm down, push through and don’t doubt

We are in this together, all in the same boat

On the same bus, but words still stick in our throat

By sticking together, might be some way out,

Hold someone else up, let them climb on your back,

Surprising yourself with strength you don’t lack

Forget watching your followers, it’s love we should track.


So let’s swipe right to turn off,

Don’t lose our connection

Look around ourselves, without the distraction,

Approaching each day with a clean intention –

Look in the eyes, share some feeling, some tension,


Emojis and QWERTY?

Love is the key!

Download your emotions and learn to be free

No more FOMO, no need to be bitter

If you want this poem on your phone

If you’re roaming from home,

Snap chat me, or poke me or check out me twitter.




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<Deleted User> (18118)

Tue 6th Feb 2018 21:05

This is a brilliant poem. So full of truths.
The tail wags the dog.
Love is the key.
So clever.


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