School Library

Wednesday afternoon the school Bell rings, 
Some students were filled with joy of springs, 
For now was the period of library, 
With books would we make merry, 
Searching for book to get immersed in our fantasy, 
What a joy it was to read! (2)

Adventure,  suspense,  murder mysteries, 
And how can I forget the 'Agatha Christies'. 
The smell of the books so nostalgic, 
For no price in the world would I ever get it. 

Accompanied by friends n looking for something new, 
That which I can read through and through. 

Little forgotten experiences beyond expression, 
Seasoned with so much of satisfaction. 

Now I buy books in book gallery, 
But the joy I found in school library
Is ecstatic,  happy and heavenly. 
One of the best thing ever to happen to me, 
Books remain my best friend ever to be. 


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keith jeffries

Tue 30th Jan 2018 22:41

Sowmya, Thank you for this poem as it reminds me of when I was a school boy and all the happy hours I spent in both the school and public libraries. Keith

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