Elements with in You

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I  Sit down on the edge of ancient forest 

Where water streams flow between the trees 

The magical place straight from the fairy tales

There are islands with strong single dryads 

Growing proudly straight to the sky 

But there are also pack of family trees 

Sharing the same piece of land 

Hugging them self under the ground 

The wild wind comes like unseen conductor

And all trees start chants mystical songs 

Silent Orchestra - Pure voice of Nature 

I watch the stream flowing gently 

In the direction of inevitable destiny

Whispering it's wisdom between the trees 

Straight to my ears, touching heart with bliss 

The beams of sunlight bouncing of the water 

Touching my face, being in the moment of  grace 

One big breath feeling my lungs with air 

The same one that just been singing with trees 

Now making my heart sing like this 

Earth my Body - Water my Blood 

Air my Breath - Fire my Spirit 



So here it's the view to be one with everything 

And all elements being with in you 

Dispiriting in the eyes of vital True 

Don't try to think... Just sing sing sing... 

Earth my Body - Water my Blood 

Air my Breath - Fire my Spirit 


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 30th Jan 2018 15:32

Elemental and evoking the themes of Walt Whitman in its
connection between our lives and our surroundings. Sing the song eternal!

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