Silent language

Between now and then 

That moments with out words 

Silence echo of endless life 

Sincere love scattered 

Benefit the surface of mind 

In the blink of dyeing eye 

Senses dissolve from reality 

The beginning of end 

Filled by grace of emptiness 

Loyal companion of existence 

Speak with out words 

Listen with endless Compassion 

Always present from the begin

To the end of everything that Is 

But itself  never recognise 

No need for any applause 

Stand ready for appearance

Can you speak with it eye to eye

Don't be afraid To be yourself 

It will expose all of you  

But only if you alow to see 

Listen through the silence

Grates teacher of eternity

◄ Driven by the moment

We are one! ►


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Artur Hulboj

Thu 18th Jan 2018 23:45

Keith I didn't really know him, I just read some of his poems and they are beautifully. Thank for your comment and for findind smilarity in the work of that grate man Rabindranath Tagore it's gives me a lot of
Inspiration!! I wrighting with Compassion from my Heart so sometimes things come out that even I'm not sure how do they appear. there are moments when I write as it comes......
Thank you for introduce me to Rabindranath Tagore,( I really like his work) and for your time reading my poems

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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Jan 2018 17:27

Artur, these words are spoken with an inner faith and beauty. Are you familiar with the Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore, the author of ´Gitan jali ´a collection of his poems in English? There is a similarity to this work of yours and his. Thank you. Keith

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