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Lissy at work

by Tommy Carroll


Unless otherwise stated...

"excuse me!"

(her elbows digging into my shoulders)

...all photographs are my own work.

Unless otherwise stated all wording...

"can't you take a hint?"

she shrugs

...are my own work.

"The next time you look

over my shoulder and

read my work..."

(thinks: "Keep your comments

Inside your pants;

keep your damp


for wetter ways

your crisp-apple laugh

for fresher salad days.")

"I warn you Lissy..."

I hear her breathing:

I hear her mouthing the screen's text

(thinks: "Your mirrored looks

and silent laugh

will destroy my work.")

"NB this woman's photograph taken by me and returned to me by her is acknowledged"

she moves away

"words and photo Tommy Carroll"


Resting my forehead

on a shirted arm,

my eyes, well one of them

fixes on her newly bought short black sleeveless dress - from behind.


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Fri 5th Jan 2018 09:40

naughty but extremely nice but not as nice or as naughty as the yummy look in her eyes.

Cold shower time!

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Inebriation ►


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Tommy Carroll

Tue 9th Jan 2018 12:20

Indeed Leon maybe it's quid pro quo for verse.

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Mon 8th Jan 2018 11:01

cor blimey guv'nor! you mean to tell me that her beautiful face alone ain't worth a comment or two never mind the beaut of a poem-uh? I'll 2nd that!

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