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Over time in the depths of its being,

creates a ubiquitous pattern of existence. 

It goes beyond all concepts of logic,

nevertheless the shaping canon 

is originally simple in principle.

A choice is its inseparable companion,

but it's not subject to any supplementing laws.

In itself is a determinant of authenticity.

Mythology of its values ​​is a reflection of harmony.

It can be creative, constructive and soothing,

although misunderstood can be destructive and chaotic.

Every living being carries the seed of its essence,

shaping these values ​​according to its own choice.

The meaning of the word become conditioned, 

under the limitation cliche of the hope 

but the creation permeates the endless universe,

and its energy drives the eternal cycles of existence.

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keith jeffries

Sat 6th Jan 2018 10:10

Thank you for your explanation which I find most interesting. So many people I know do not acknowledge that we have a spiritual nature and therefore possess no faith. For me my faith is an integral part of my being, essential for life itself. Thank you again. Keith

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Artur Hulboj

Fri 5th Jan 2018 23:01

I'm really happy that you found the interest in that poem, and I'm even more happy that it moved you. 😃
I'm really happy to discuss that with you further Keith

I trying to look much deeper to the meaning of faith
I feel that definitely it's a gift to all being in Universe
Even animals putting the faith in there existence for findind food, shelter, belive in us .... Ext ext
It's a part of every day life, we buildning our faith from the moment we born and we invest it in what ever we desire,wish and the most important we putting faith in our self.
Keith I feel that faith it's far more then then concept of rational though
Your faith was always with you, but you choice to invested more in it and you directed it to whatever every it's important to you
This is what I feel my friend

I feel we having very interesting conversation right here 😃

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keith jeffries

Fri 5th Jan 2018 20:01

Artur, I am intrigued by this poem. I have always understood that Faith is achieved either by rational thought or an innate belief in the numinous. Is Faith therefore a gift? I particularly like the words you have used, for example, ¨A choice is its inseperable companion ¨. ¨Every living being carries the seed of its essence ¨. My own Faith was not achieved by rational thought but through a sense of the numinous which developed within my inner being. I would like to discuss this further with you. Thank you for a verse so thought provoking. Keith

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