The Dark Abyss

Here I am, in this dark abyss

It’s cold and it’s damp

I look for my firefly, but her light keeps dimming

It’s almost out, but I never knew

The rain begins to fall

Black streams running down the hills of this face, this place

The abyss begins to fill

As it fills I stand feeling the cold water run up my thighs the same way he did

I’m frozen, but his hands were so warm

I try to move but can’t

So I take on the river, the ocean, the thunder, the waves

The waves crash down so suddenly that I hit the ground

I fall to my knees

The water washes everything away

Or was it the air leaving my body

I cannot breathe as I get picked back up by my throat

I never knew the wall wouldn’t budge

In the moment I prayed for the air to never return

For the wall to crush me so I wouldn’t have to watch you do it

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