Last Spring

Last spring was filled with joy and
With little children's giggles
Began a new chapter
Of my life.

A little girl with beautiful
Curly hair
Gave me some candy
As I was sitting on the side of the road
Hungry, and homeless.
A little boy came up to me
And gave me a hug.

Two adults were walking by.
They kicked me in the stomach
And told me to leave
My resting place.

But it was spring.
And the sun was shining
So brightly.
It had warmed me
With its unconditional warmth.

Greatness lies in simple things.
A drink of water,
Some food to nourish
The temple,
A breath of fresh air,
A humble abode
Was all that sustained me
For a lifetime.

In not living I found life.
In rejection I found joy.
In betrayal I found true love.
In surrender I found true power.
In being penniless - true wealth.
And when I was homeless on the street
With nowhere to go
And no one to comfort me
I found a castle
Whose walls, and bridges,
And iron gates
Will keep me safe
For all eternity.

Last spring became embedded
In my psyche.
So that now and forever
In my heart
Can only be



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